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Map of the Five Realms

Though in times past there were many that believed they lived atop a flat disc floating through the ether, or within a crystal dome held aloft from the primordial abyss on the back of a great leviathan or such like, by the present day anyone with an education knows that the world of Sarradar and its moon of Sarrithil are both spherical bodies in orbit of the much larger sun known as Sarhelion, and that other worlds and celestial bodies also orbit the sun.

Sarradar is the fourth planet in its solar system and the astronomers of Sarradar, the Sithain of the Northern Kingdoms being the foremost among them, have managed to ascertain that around Sarradar’s sun there orbit a total of nine other planets and two rings of asteroids.

The work of the Society of Venatus has been particularly influential in regard to dispelling the older myths, with their displays of the latest knowledge put on by travelling troupes of performance arcanists and scholars enlightening the masses across the Five Realms and beyond. Sarradar possesses a diameter of approximately 15,400 kilometres across, and an equatorial circumference near to 48,400 kilometres. Though this may not mean much to most, it is an important piece of knowledge obtained through much hard effort on the part of explorers, arcanists and scientists over the course of many lifetimes.

It is an overall temperate world with a variable band of jungles and deserts near the equator and parts of the tropics, and landmasses at either pole that are perpetually shrouded in snow and ice. However harsh the local climate though, life is abundant, and numerous sentient species call the world home.

The Realms

The Player factions of the world of Sarradar.

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Current Rules

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Beliefs and Academia of the peoples of Sarradar.

History of Sarradar

The world History of Sarradar can be found on the History of Sarradar page.

Magic in Sarradar

Magic is very much alive in Sarradar, the history of which can be found in the Magic in Sarradar page. If you're looking for rules about how to use magic in the game, visit the The Magic Mechanics page..

Sarradar Bestiary

Intrepid explorers and adventurers over time have contributed their findings of the fantastic creatures encountered to the Sarradar Bestiary. Read it to learn what you might meet in your travels.

The Planes

What are they?

Sarradar Solar System


How the people of Sarradar perceive the time around them.


Sarradar Solar System.

Deities of Sarradar

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Literary Works of the Five Realms

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