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As you play your character in the Crucible campaign it will grow and change through the experience. The development of new strengths and skills is covered below, but don't forget that the personality, beliefs and priorities of your character may change as well.
(Question for GM: as characters grow and change they can recover from or gain new flaws?) See also Downtime.

Acquired Points

There are three types of acquired points; Experience, Gnosis and Equipment. Experience points represent character development and is awarded at the conclusion of each live game session for contribution to the storyline and development of your character, and can be used to buy additional Abilities. Gnosis points represent knowledge of the arcane and can be used to learn new spells, alchemical formulae or forgotten knowledge. Equipment points represent generic materials acquired during the game that can be used to manufacture or buy other items.

  • XP: Experience Points - Used to buy skills: 5 per weekend game and 2 per daygame per chapter
  • EP: Equipment Points (obtained from loot) Each EP can be used in the downtime for equipment, building structures, or traded for currency in-game
  • GP: Gnosis Points - Used to buy spells and alchemical formulae. Starting GP is Wits x5. Gain (by default) equal to Wits x 2 each game


For Downtime Action purposes, each character has cumulative Combat Prowess, Arcane Prowess and Skillful Prowess scores that will determine how well they do in Downtime Encounters. These scores are based off the basic traits and modified by the abilities possessed by the characters.