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The Crucible Chronicle is the story of the expeditions of the Five Realms and their rediscovery of the now mythic island of Avyrnas, but it is also the story of the armies of the Aether War; the undead of the Pale Host, the demons of the Ebon Legion, the bestials of the Wild Hunt, the natives of Avyrnas, and forces still hiding in shadow to be revealed.

The gameplay of the Chronicle is envisaged to be equally engaging for players and crew alike, with players portraying set characters throughout a Chapter, while crew rotate through a variety of roles. The eventual conclusion of the Chronicle will allow for victors and vanquished amongst the player factions, but also amongst the crew factions, and these will not necessarily be mutually exclusive.

Playing a member of the crew can allow participants to develop their roleplaying skills in risky situations, without risking a cherished character.

What is Crewing?

When you join the crew you will play a number of different characters over a game to help bring the story to life. You may play a fighter in a hostile army, a crazed wizard casting spells on people, a gentle fortune teller giving secrets to players, or any number of essential roles. You'll be given costumes and weapons to use, be given guidance by the game organisers about what you should be doing, and will have an amazing 'behind the scenes' experience that you'll be sharing with the other Crew in the game. For more information, we recommend reading Crewing - More Than Monsters.

Why are Crew so important?

For the Crucible Chronicle, we need at least 180 participants to make the most of Camp Adair (our chosen venue), and with a desired Player cap of 120, at a 4:5 ideal player to crew ratio, we need to encourage as many NPC crew to participate as possible. The more crew we have, the more challenges we can throw at the players, and the richer the story we can tell. And the more crew we have, means all crew members have more variety in the types of roles they play (and get a chance for a bit of a rest too).

What is it like to Crew?

A Chapter Game (weekend game) is comprised of 7 Watches of 6 hours each, starting on a Friday evening at 7pm and concluding at 1pm on the Sunday. Setup and Packdown periods before and after the game benefit highly from a substantial NPC crew (and Player) presence, so early arrival and later departure is encouraged.

NPC crew fulfill the vital roles of playing a host of different characters and creatures that the players will encounter, and providing much needed logistical support for the running of the game. To help us organise scenes and wrangle the resources under our control, NPCs can qualify for badges from the GMs on their experience, comfort and commitment to the Chronicle. These badges authorise them to act out certain important roles and delicate actions without having to rely on constant supervision by the GM team.

Every NPC will have the choice of selecting an NPC faction that is their preference, and will gain a number of appropriate benefits as a result (detailed later). These choice are; The Natives, the Pale Host (Undead), the Ebon Legion (Demons), and the Wild Hunt (Bestials). Take this short quiz to find out which faction may be the most interesting to you. There are other forces of course that will appear throughout the Chronicle, but they cannot be selected as a preference.

A typical crewperson can expect to be allocated a range of roles over the weekend appropriate to their rank, each with it’s own challenges. If they have chosen a preferred faction, are more likely to play characters from that faction where appropriate. With enough NPC crew, there is a greater capacity for crew to also engage in activities such as combat or diplomacy that they have a greater preference for. Teaming up in squads, and developing in-game tactics as a squad will be encouraged, as overwhelming losses on the part of an NPC faction may hinder their overall faction performance.

Cost, Accommodation and Food

The cost for crewing is usually less than the cost of participating as a player. Please see the specific[event page] for the game you are interested in to find out what the cost is.

Accommodation will by default be bunking, though tenting is allowed if desired.

Simple fare will be available over the course of the game, and supplemental fruit and meat will be on hand especially for the crew.

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