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PERSONAL DOWNTIME ACTIONS There are two categories of action for the Downtime, one for players, and a supplementary one for the Faction Commander and their delegates. The Downtime throughout the Chronicle is divided into 12 Phases, with 2 between each Chapter game. The island of Avyrnas is divided into territories, and each action is linked to a territory. Each territory has a terrain type, the possibility of a notable location, and up to 3 resource sites. It also has a risk factor that can change over the course of the Chronicle. Each Phase, a territory will have a Risk Factor assigned - Low Risk, Moderate Risk, or High Risk. A territory can be uncontrolled, or controlled by a player or NPC faction. Territories controlled by other factions are automatically one Risk Factor higher if they are on a Hostile stance towards the player's faction.


PERSONAL ACTIONS A personal action in Crucible is an opportunity to gain rewards or suffer setbacks between games, with the fundamental elements provided so that players can craft stories around how they acquired that cache of sunshards, or came down with a dreadful plague. Players are welcome to embelish these tales with other elements of their choosing, as long as it seems plausible enough, and however the story goes, the player does not end up with anything more than what they have gained through live gameplay or specified rewards. By default, each player has 3 actions during a Downtime Phase, with a 4th action if they possess the 'Scout' ability, and a special additional action if they possess the 'Retinue' ability. Up to one of these actions can be replaced by an action involving the exploration of a coastal region. In the place of one of your normal actions, you can explore a coastal region within your exploration range and adjacent to the main island. Coastal regions further out than this can only be reached if your faction dispatches a ship to that region for the Phase. The risk associated with these areas is always High.

These personal actions should be submitted via the Crucible Downtime form for personal actions, located on the Crucible website. A personal action can be one of three things: Explore, Patrol or Labour. Explore - 2 territories beyond an already controlled territory. Anyone can spend 1 action to increase the range of their remaining actions by one. Those with the 'Scout' ability automatically get +1 range. Patrol - Increase Military Strength of a controlled territory. Enough people also causes surrounding territories to be affected. The effect lasts for two Phases. Labour - Increase Faction Resource yield from a controlled territory. Gain additional personal resources.

Encounter Challenges Each personal action results in an Encounter Challenge, the nature of which is determined by random rolls made by the GM team at the end of each Downtime Phase, modified by the Risk Factor for the territory, as well as character specific modifiers, including the ‘Scout’ ability, Wits 4, Fated effects, Cursed effects, and Danger Sense. Success, a marginal pass, a failure or a critical failure on an Encounter Challenge is determined by comparing the cumulative Combat, Arcane or Professional Prowess of the character with the level set by the challenge. These scores are visible only to the Storyteller team, but a player should have a sense of their abilities by considering how many abilities they possess in the three prowess categories. The result of an Encounter Challenge will be displayed as the type of encounter (i.e. ‘Cultists’, or ‘Locked Chest’), the outcome (success, pass, fail, or critical failure), and what you gained out of it (i.e. gold, injuries, information). It is then up to the player to then, if they so wish, to craft the story of how that encounter played out. Possible gains or losses out of an encounter include; allies, blessings, currency, curses, enemies, equipment points, fame/notoriety, gnosis points, information, injuries, items, special locations and more.

Subterfuge Some players may choose to work on behalf of another faction, rather than the one they ostensibly have sworn allegiance to. Their actions can benefit their own faction rather than their host faction, but this always comes with the risk of discovery by their host faction's spymaster.

Backup If other members of the player’s faction allocate the same sort of action to a territory the player has allocated an action to, the player can gain a bonus on their own action outcome if those other players are not already assisting other characters. A player can assist up to 4 other characters in this way, based on a list they can submit as part of their Downtime form. The presence of a warband from the player faction in a territory that player is carrying out a personal action in grants a reasonable bonus to the player’s combat prowess, and minor bonuses to arcane and skillful prowess.

Stance Your stance allows you to modify the approach to encounters for the particular Downtime Phase. Cautious - The highest of your prowess scores is taken for determining the outcome of a challenge, but you only receive a small fraction of any rewards you might have gained for completing the challenge. You do not provide backup to other characters in the territory. Selective - Pick a prowess type. For encounters of that type you use your full prowess and provide backup as normal. For encounters not of that type you double your effective prowess, but do not gain any rewards from completing the challenge. You do not provide backup for non-specified challenge types. Inqusitive - Use the appropriate score for any challenge you encounter, and provide backup as normal.

Hounds Members of the Order of the Wolf, or Hounds as they are commonly known, are experts in combat, survival and solving mysteries. They get a number of special benefits that members of the other factions do not, though their presence often significantly assists the other factions with their own challenges. Hounds ignore any increased Risk in a territory due to the state of diplomacy between factions. Hounds may select any territory on the map to carry out their actions on, though Patrol and Labour actions must be in a territory held by one of the other player factions. If a Hound allocates a personal action to a territory in which members of other factions have allocated actions to, all such other characters get a generic bonus to their prowess scores, independant of how much other backup they are already receiving, though only from one Hound. The Military Strength of any player faction warband is increased by the presence of a Hound in that territory, unless the warband battles with one of another faction. A Hound may elect to provide preferential support to one faction over others by noting that faction in the Subterfuge line of the Downtime Form, though this could have grave reprecussions once discovered.