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A realm does not run itself on good intentions and the strength of its warriors alone. The trade of goods and currency representative of goods and services is a vital component of the functions of each of the Five Realms, and indeed most races with any structure to their society.


Within the Five Realms there exist multiple currencies, from the major currencies of the realm themselves (Sovereigns, Marks, Denarii and Crux), to local currencies and those of distant realms.
See also Currency.

Colour Name Abrv. Worth (ss)
Clear Lightstone shards ls 0.1
Gold Sunstone shards ss 1
Blue Moonstone shards ms 50
Purple Noble shards ns 1,000

Goods and Services

While such a topic is better dealt with by perusal of the latest almanacs or merchant catalogues, included here is a brief collection of the average trading worth of common items across several different categories. As is the nature of commerce, supply and demand and that invisible hand that controls the fortunes and falls of the market will see that the actual value of these goods will fluctuate from one vendor to another.

An astute merchant will know when to make best use of such fluctuations, and indeed the economy of the realms and the fortunes of many a merchant prince is reliant upon such trading. The value of goods and services here has been represented in the aetherstone Shard currency, which though some readers from the realms will find unfamiliar, is most assuredly a superior and more practical currency than the Alteraanian Sovereign or the Valerian Denarii. The very fact that a shard is not only a currency, but a resource of significant power in of itself should have elevated it to a universal currency long ago, yet the persistence of humans in their fascination with gold and silver has as of yet prevented its dominance.

Each character starts with 1000 Sunstone shards (ss) to buy their weapons, armour, tools and other key pieces of starting equipment.

General Gear

General Gear
Name Description Cost (ss)
Candle To light the darkness 0.1
Chalk Single piece 0.1
Firewood One days worth of firewood for a small hearth 0.1
Cup Plain cup, mug or tankard 0.2
Flask Simple leather container for holding a half litre of liquid 0.5
Canvas One square metre of artists canvas 1
Inkpen Sharp writing implement 1
Lamp Oil lamp protected against the wind 1
Sack So many uses 1
Bandage Linen strip to staunch a bleeding wound 2
Paper One sheet of paper or good quality parchment 2
Bedroll Moderately comfortable bedroll for sleeping on 4
Blanket Winter thickness blanket to keep out the chill 5
Soap Useful for the dirty, dirty adventurer 5
Wand, simple Short rod of wood carefully prepared to channel magical energies 5
Sealing Wax Necessary for sealing important documents 8
Belt Pouch Small leather belt pouch used for storing small items 10
Case To hold a map or scroll 10
Flint & Steel Good quality means of starting fires in the wilderness 10
Rope Ten metres of standard hemp rope 10
Waterskin Good quality leather container for holding a litre of drinkable liquid 10
Backpack Standard sized backpack for outdoor adventuring 20
Bottle Glass bottle with a litre capacity 20
Chest Durable chest able to hold much of a person's general equipment 20
Crowbar Used to prise open doors, crates and other stubborn objects 20
Ink Twenty millilitres of standard quality writing ink 50
Signet ring Worn primarily by the nobility to use for marking wax seals with their sigil 50
Mirror Small glass mirror 60
Chain One metre of iron chain 90
Tent, small Protection from the weather 100
Lock, novice Simple lock for keeping things secure 150
Manacles Basic iron manacles 150
Perfume Fragrant aromatic to disguise the natural scents 200
Lock, adept Advanced lock with some protection against would-be lockpickers 300
Spyglass Finely crafted device for sighting things at long distances 400


Name Description Cost (ss)
Helmet, Open Leather or metal partial head protection 100
Shield, Small Small lightweight protection against sword blows and arrow fire 100
Bracers Leather or metal forearm protection 100
Tassets, Light Leather upper leg protection 100
Helmet, Closed Leather or metal full head protection 150
Breastplate, Light Thick cloth or leather torso protection 150
Greaves Leather or metal lower leg protection 150
Shield, Large Large sturdy protection against sword blows and arrow fire 200
Breastplate, Medium Leather or metal torso protection 250
Tassets, Heavy Metal upper leg protection 250
Breastplate, Heavy Metal torso protection 400


Name Description Cost (ss)
Coach cab Transport via a horse-drawn carriage, cost per kilometre 0.2
Courier run Non-magical courier run, cost per kilometre 0.1
Inn stay, common Semi-comfortable bed in a shared sleeping space for one night 2
Inn stay, good Comfortable private room for one night 5
Inn stay, noble Luxurious private room and adjoining facilities for one night 20
Labour, skilled Eight hours of labour from a skilled professional 3
Labour, unskilled Eight hours of labour from an untrained human of average strength 1
Road or gate toll Passage through a toll gate or along a tolled road 0.1
Ship's passage Passage on a ship, cost per kilometre 0.5
Skyship passage Passage on a skyship, cost per kilometre 50
Spellcasting, first circle The cost of a first circle spell including reagents 10
Spellcasting, second circle The cost of a second circle spell, excluding the cost of reagents 25
Spellcasting, third circle The cost of a third circle spell, excluding the cost of reagents 75


Name Description Cost (ss)
Arrow / Bolt One arrow or bolt 10
Short Weapon Small weapon such as a dagger or hatchet up to half a metre long 20
Sap Solid blackjack that can be used to bludgeon and stun a victim 20
Stave Simple two metre wooden pole for multiple uses including combat 20
One Handed Weapon Standard sword, axe, mace or similar weapon intended for single-handed wielding. Between half and just over a metre long long 40
Bow / Crossbow Projectile weapon capable of shooting an arrow or bolt with tremendous power 60
Two Handed Weapon Large sword, axe, mace, glaive or similar weapon intended for two-handed wielding. Over a metre long 80


Name Description Cost (ss)
Trap Debilitating and potentially lethal device to set up for intended victims 10
Merchant's scale Finely balanced scale for the measurement of currency or fine trade goods 20
Craftsman's tools Sturdy and adaptable tools for any craftsman to ply their trade 50
Hourglass Simple device for indicating the elapsement of a set period of time 50
Musical instrument Common musical instrument 50
Reagent pouch Specially treated pouch to keep hold of important magical reagents 50
Adventuring kit Wulfe Frys special collection of all the bare essentials for a starting adventurer 100
Spellbook Blank parchment tome for mages to inscribe spells within 150
Thieves' tools Set of lockpicks and other precise tools for breaking and entering 150
Alchemist's kit Alembics, calcinators and other assorted devices for concocting potent elixirs 500
Enchanter's tools Precise arcane instruments for imbuing potent energies into awaiting items 500
Physician's kit Well-stocked selection of tools and consumables for treating the sick and injured 500
Pocketwatch Complex mechanical device for keeping track of time 500
Ritualist's tools Esoteric and potent foci for channelling ritualistic magic by those with the art 500

Food / Drink

Food / Drink
Name Description Cost (ss)
Ale / Mead Thirst-quenching mug of ale or mead 0.2
Water Refreshing bottle of clean water 0.2
Fruit, common Common piece of fruit such as apples, pears or strawberries 0.2
Bread Baked loaf 0.5
Broth Hearty bowl of soup 1
Fruit, exotic Exotic piece of fruit such as pineapples, mangoes or wild canteloupes 2
Pie Sweet or savoury treat 2
Pound of flesh 0.45 kilograms of raw meat 3
Wine, common Moderate quality red or white wine 3
Trail Rations One day's worth of trail rations 5
Coffee / Tea Stimulating liquids that are highly sought after 10
Wine, fine Excellent quality bottle of red, white or green wine 20


Name Description Cost (ss)
Carriage Horse-drawn carriage able to carry four people comfortably 1,000
Pinnace (Ship's Boat) Light boat carried by larger vessels as a means of transporting crew and goods to shore and back 1,500
Balloon Lighter than air vehicle able to carry four people in its underslung basket 5,000
Sloop Small one or two-masted sailing vessel favoured for fishing, coastal trading, or privateering 20,000
Galley Older style of medium vessel still used for coastal trade and naval purposes. Favoured by Korashur and historically by Valeria 25,000
Brig Small two-masted sailing vessel favoured for warfare, trading and by privateers 30,000
Corvette Small three-masted sailing vessel built specifically for warfare with a single deck of arc-projectors 45,000
Carrack Medium three-masted sailing vessel favoured for trading and exploration, particularly by the Sachsens 70,000
Clipper Very fast medium vessel with three or more masts used primarily for intercontinental trade. Favoured by Valerian merchant guilds 80,000
Frigate Fast and maneourevable medium naval vessel with three masts, a crew of about two hundred, and one or two decks of arc-projectors. Favoured by Alteraanian naval forces 100,000
Galleon Large and well-rounded naval vessel with three masts, a crew of up to three hundred and two decks of arc-projectors. Favoured by Sachsen and Korashuran naval forces 120,000
Dreadnaught Very large and very durable naval vessel with three or four masts, a crew of over seven hundred, and several decks of arc-projectors. Favoured by Valerian naval forces 200,000
Skyship A thirty or so metre long aetherically powered airship able to carry twenty-four people aloft. 750,000


Name Description Cost (ss)
Chicken Good for egg production, eating and plucking for feathers 3
Cat Keeps the rat and mouse population down and provides company as it sees fit 10
Dog Good for guarding property and keeping one company 40
Sheep Useful for shearing for wool and slaughtering for meat 45
Pig Unscrupulous omnivores that are good for eating 60
Cow Useful for milking, eating and skinning for leather 300
Horse Highly useful for transport and in warfare 750
Slave Full ownership of a healthy human of average strength and intelligence 800
Peacock Ornamental in various ways, but little else 1,000
Small Cottage Home sweet home 1,000


See also Resources.

Name Description Cost (ss)
Common environmental reagent One unit of a common environmental reagent, such as Fern Frond, Ginseng, Jasmine, Morning Dew, Rock Salt, Sea Shell, Spider Silk, Sulphur, Sunflower or Thistle Head 2
Common creature reagent One unit of a common creature reagent, such as Bird Beak, Butterfly Wing, Cat Brain, Dog Canine, Gopher Tooth, Nautilus Shell, Rabbit Foot, Raven Rib, Sea Anemone or Serpent Scale 3
Lesser uncommon environmental reagent One unit of a lesser uncommon environmental reagent, such as Black Quartz, Lotus, Moon Lily, Slender Vine or Wormwood 30
Lesser rare environmental reagent One unit of a lesser rare environmental reagent, such as Blackmoor, Faerie Dust, Grave Dust, Mandrake Root or Witch Briar 60
Lesser uncommon creature reagent One unit of a lesser uncommon creature reagent, such as Briar Heart, Drake Talon, Ghoul Bile, Goliath Tusk or Pixie Wing 90
Lesser rare creature reagent One unit of a lesser rare creature reagent, such as Arachne Fang, Demon Tongue, Ectoplasm, Lupine Fur or Myrmidon Claw 120
Greater uncommon environmental reagent One unit of a greater uncommon environmental reagent, such as Blood Moss, Executioners Hood, Frost Orchid, Solar Creeper or Stormweed 400
Greater rare environmental reagent One unit of a greater rare environmental reagent, such as Black Pearl, Fire Fern, Heart Rose or Star Diamond 600
Greater uncommon creature reagent One unit of a greater uncommon creature reagent, such as Eidolon Sigil, Hag's Eye, Satyr Horn, Troll Jaw or Wisp Essence 800
Greater rare creature reagent One unit of a greater rare creature reagent, such as Dahaka Sand, Dragon Blood, Ifrit Heart, Soul Larva or Vampire Dust 1000
Angels Hair reagent One unit of the incredibly rare reagent known as Angels Hair 3000