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Concepts and States of Being

This section illustrates gameplay elements that we intend to include in the Crucible Chronicle, along with details around the various states of being that a character can find themselves in.

Game Calls

Game calls are simple utterances that are intended to be used to convey an effect or mechanic quickly and simply when there is no practical way to physically represent it. It should be noted that though these calls exist to assist with consistency and diversity of effects, good roleplaying should always come before mechanics, and players and crew alike are encouraged to look for ways to improve the immersiveness of an encounter beyond the use of mechanics such as calls.

Time Periods

Abilities, calls and other aspects of the game often have times associated with them. These include:

Encounter: This is a narratively appropriate period of time as in a movie or television scene, roughly approximate to 20 minutes if there are no appropriate cues. Examples include a combat until the foes are vanquished or leave the field and no chase is given, or trial of a murderer until the final judgement has been given.

Watch: A day is divided into 4 watches, 7am-1pm, 1pm-7pm, 7pm1am, and 1am-7am.

Day: A day time period is from 7am tile 7am the next day. Chapter: This is the period from the start of a weekend Chapter game to the start of the subsequent weekend Chapter game.


The paths are classes of characters with a collection of trait bonuses and discounted abilities appropriate to their theme. A Fighter for instance is able to use almost any weapon or piece of armour they wish, and a Druid is adept at foraging and creating elixirs.

They cost 20 XP each and can only be purchased at Character Creation. To use any abilities included as part of the path, the character still need to possess the necessary trait levels as specified by the ability.


These are skills and advantages that characters may possess that enhance what they can do. Each ability has its own XP cost, and the acquisition of new abilities occurs during the Downtime. All characters by default start with the abilities of Weaponry, Novice Armour Fitness, Novice Shield, Novice Physician and Literate for free.


A character may possess up to two flaws, selected only at character creation. Possession of a flaw may grant additional trait points, or advantages (and disadvantages) that cannot be acquired through other means. These are expected to be acted out during the course of gameplay.

Magic Mechanics

How Magic works in game.


Making things in game.


Information about the manufacturing, and the effects of drugs used in Sarradar.


Resources that game features use and how it all works.


How money and equipment work in game.

Downtime (Personal)

What your character does during the downtime between live events.

Downtime (Faction)

What the factions do during the downtime between live events.