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Below are links and topics to get you started in The Crucible LARP.

NPC Information

The accumulated knowledge of monsters throughout the ages

Character Creation

Steps for creating your character.

Game Calls

The calls used to represent an effect that cannot be physically represented in a LARP, for example magic or death. Both NPC's and Players need to know these, and how they affect you in game, to be able to play the game.

Helpful Links

Social Networks

Diatribe Board
- LARP discussion in general.

The Crucible Forum (on Diatribe)
- Player chatter for Crucible.

Facebook Crucible Page (Requires fb Login?)
- GM updates & shoutouts.

The Crucible Google Group (G+ account?)
- GM updates & shoutouts.

Faction Groups on Facebook

(Require Facebook Account)
For organizing your player IC and OOC connections.

Alteraan Group (Private). Contact: Reuben Strom. (Pending details)

Dra'zhar Group (Private). Contact: (pending)

Hounds Group (Private). Contact: (pending)

Korashur Group (Public). Contact: Allen Shaw.

Sachsenheim Group (Private)

Valerian Group (Private). Contact: Kirsten or Phillipa. (contact details pending)


LARP Preparation

pending sourcing - larpers pm with suggestions.

What to take to a LARP?

LARP Prop Help

LARP Costuming Help