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It is of fundamental importance that anyone desiring to rise above ignorance and become a learned individual study the history of our world. The more one understands about past events, the more that person may take action to choose alternate courses of action, rather than merely retreading the same blunderous paths.

What is summarised here is a primer on the fundamentals of our history, stretching from the time of the gods to the present day. Notably the Age of Creation has been omitted, as there are so many conflicting mythologies that it is left it to the reader to decide which one they will go with.

For those desiring to delve into the histories of the world in greater detail, one can seek out the volumes of the Encylopedia Sarradarica, which within its twelve expansive volumes contains a wealth of information to enlighten a human mind and better elaborate on the world’s history.

Time of the Gods - The Age of Paradise

In the Time Before Reckoning

The Gods

  • The Gods grew to conflict, the Light and the Dark opposed to one another. They created mortal races and monsters to fight as their armies. The most powerful of these races was the Ancients, created by the Gods of the Dark.
  • The goddess Chiera persuades the Ancients of the evil of the Gods they follow, and so turns them to the Light, swinging the balance of power in favour of them. In the Final Battle the Gods of the Dark are defeated and banished from the world.
  • In their spite, the Gods of the Dark unleashed great and terrible magics upon the world that burnt people, cities and seas, with only those that found caves deep under the mountains able to survive. Paradise was destroyed.

End of the Age of Paradise

1st Age - The Age of Darkness

Beginning of the 1st Age

  • In the beginning the world was ash and mist, and the Ancients and other races that had survived prayed to the Gods that Paradise might be returned to them. In time the Gods heard their prayers, and spoke to them saying that what once was would never be again, the world might still be made anew, though forever a shadow of its former self. Once the Gods had completed their work in remaking the world they bade that the mortal races; the Ancients, the Wildlings, the Mountain-folk, the Beastmen, and the Humans; emerge from their caves and live freely upon the world under the light of the sun.

The Races Establish

  • The Ancients were the first to establish themselves, having remembered much of what they had been taught before Paradise was lost. Their cities rose from the plains of Caratas, the great central continent of the world, quickly surpassing the efforts of the other races.
  • The Mountain-folk turned from the light of the sun and dwelt in the roots of the mountains, fearful of the other races.
  • The Wildlings turned from the light of the sun and retreated to live in the dark forests, fearful of the other races.
  • The Beastmen turned from the light of the sun and hid in the caves, hollows, and other dark places throughout the world, fearful of the other races.
  • The Humans flourished under the light of the sun and dwelt upon the land, and worked it so to produce abundant harvests and raise great cities.
  • The Ancients flourished under the light of the sun and dwelt upon the land, working as the humans did to raise great cities. In their hearts though they felt the whispers of their creators, the Gods of the Dark, and they grew ambitious in their desires.

Conclusion of the 1st Age

  • The Ancients came to rule over other races, or otherwise put them to the sword if they did not submit. They forged a vast and terrible empire across the world in which Humans, Mountain-folk, Wildlings, and Beastmen all wore the yoke of servitude.

2nd Age - The Age of Imperium

Empire of the Ancients

  • The cradle of humanity on Aluvinor is conquered by the Empire of the Ancients. Much of humanity is enslaved and taken to work for the Ancients across their Empire.


  • Determined to live free of servitude, some humans embark on an exodus to the east, coming to a distant land where they find sanctuary amidst lush fields, majestic snowcapped mountains, and verdant forests.

Binding of the Primes

  • The Ancients defeat and bind the Elemental Primes to their service, and come to wield the elemental powers against against their enemies.

Darkness of the Ancients

  • The darkness in the hearts of the Ancients on Aluvinor grows so great that they summon Demons in their hubris to do their bidding. The demons turn against them, further corrupting them and destroying their cities across that land.
  • The Elder Gods of the Ancients finally turn from their children, so dark is the corruption in their hearts that they cannot abide it any longer.
  • Bereft of the protection of their Gods, the corruption of the Dark wreaks its toll, as plague, famine, war and death come to the realms of the Ancients, striking down one after another.

End of the Age of Imperium

3rd Age - The Age of Salvation

Long Passage Established

1049 BL
  • The Mountain-folk complete their great work, the construction of the Long Passage; a tunnel that runs from the northernmost point of Caratas to its southernmost, connecting their hidden cities so that they need never see the light of day.
984 BL
  • The Dra’zhar Il-Khan Varsa Levanter commands numerous clans to go on the offensive against the Ancients of Aluvia, striking first at their mines and outposts, and then deeper into their territories where their defences are weak. Retaliation by the Aluvian Ancients is constrained by the sheer numbers of the Dra’zhar warriors, and a decline in their skyship numbers in more recent times.

The Sachsens

(See Sachsenheim).

814 BL
  • Prince Sirastus of the Sachsens is born.
811 BL
810 BL
  • King Tallias of the Sachsen Clan raises his army, and with the Order of Avyrnas leading the way, they sail back to Aluvinor as the Great Crusade to free the ancestoral homeland of the humans from the influence of Demons. The crusade encounters numerous warring human city-states that under the influence of the demons oppose them, and a long and bloody campaign of conquest ensues.
795 BL
  • Having conquered most of the city states, King Tallias is but several days out from arriving in the ruins of the Ancients's capital of Aluvia when he is killed by a great black dragon. His daughter Mayribelle takes up his spear and kills the beast, going on to lead the army on to the capital and raising her father's flag above the city. The visions of the prophets foretell that she should wear his crown if greatness is to be granted to the realm. Prince Sirastus, his followers and most of the Order of Avyrnas take umbrage with this, but refusing to shed any more Sachsen blood, take to their ships with their share of the spoils and head further west.
792 BL
  • Mayribelle takes the throne as Empress of the new An-Aluvian Empire. She sets about solidifying her rule by continuing to eradicate the Ancients wherever they are found, and gaining the fealty of the human leaders of the city-states, by diplomacy or force.

Sundering of the Ancients

792 BL
  • Even as humanity finds its place in the world, the Dark strikes a crippling blow on the Ancients, sundering their homeland, the heart of the continent of Caratas, and plunging it beneath the waves, shattering the heart of their remaining empire.

Sachsens on Lorandar

792 BL
  • Prince Sirastus lands his forces in Saltmarsh Bay on the continent of Lorandar, formerly the southern portion of Caratas, and with the help of native wildlings begins to establish fortifications along the coast, knowing that it would only be a matter of time before the Ancients noticed his presence and came to try and kill or enslave his people. He declares himself King of Sachsenheim.
791 BL
  • King Sirastus leads his forces against outlying Ancient settlements, burning many to the ground and freeing countless human slaves from their chains.
787 BL
  • The Ancients are driven back by the courage and ferocity of the Sachsen forces.


778 BL
  • With their forces weakened, the Ancients turn to using their slaves as warriors. Freed of their chains and given swords, armour and other weapons of war, these Dark Humans build a realm in the far north of Lorandar known as Latharond. They wage war against King Sirastus's armies and slow his advance.
739 BL
  • Led on by a vision from the Gods, King Sirastus takes his closest knights and without notice departs into the Dark Forest at the heart of Lorandar, the only person that sees him and his entourage leave is a lone nightwatchman to whom he hands his signet ring and has him take an oath to "Ever watch against the Dark, beyond the walls and within". Nothing is seen from the King and his knights for centuries.

Compacts of Korashur

564 BL
  • Humans in Korashur, the southern coast and plains of Lorandar, form compacts; groups of skilled professionals sharing an expertise. The Ancients foster some of these compacts that suit their desires, mercilessly crushing those that don't. The most favoured are the mage compacts.

Slaves of Alteraan

502 BL
  • In a night of blood and fire, thousands of human slaves across the Ancient Empire on Lorandar throw off their shackles and turn their tools on their masters. Many perish, but the northern parts of the Empire fall as the rebel humans are reinforced by soldiers of the Sachsens. Under the protection of the Sachsens, the freed slaves found their own realm, to be known as Alteraan.
487 BL

Latharond Lash Out

472 BL
288 BL
  • Driven on by their corruption, the Latharondians turn on their former masters, ravaging the westernmost part of the Empire of the Ancients on Lorandar.

Human Alliance

273 BL
  • Ambassadors from Cloudbank University meet in secret with the human mages of Korashur, and most are turned to the cause of the human alliance against the Ancients.

Fall of An-Aluvian Empire, Rise of Valeria

194 BL
  • The An-Aluvian Empire factures and breaks apart after the Empress dies and no heir is found. Conflict between different factions in the Empire leads to it being split apart into city-states as a result of the conflict, and the capital city of Aluvia is almost completely destroyed in a firestorm.
21 BL
  • Queen Valeria, direct descendant of Empress Maryibelle, reunites the former city-states of An-Aluvia and is re-crowned as Empress of Valeria, and establishes a new Imperial capital in the city of Ankharosar.
12 BL
  • Valeria launches a crusade against the remaining parts of the Empire of the Ancients, destroying them and salting the earth so that they cannot return.

Something about the Dark Humans

6 BL
  • Like their former masters, the Dark reaps a toll on the Latharondians and causes much of their kingdom to collapse into the sea, killing tens of thousands. The Ancients then take advantage of this chaos and slaughter tens of thousands more as the Dark Humans flee the destruction.

Finally a Unified Alliance

1 BL
  • King Wolfgang Dresner leads the combined forces of the Sachsens, the Alteraanians, and the rebel Korashurans against the Ancients whose cities and vast fortresses still sit at the heart of Lorandar.

4th Age - The Age of Light

Fall of the Ancients

  • As battles were fought on the fields and in the valleys of central Lorandar by the Human Alliance against the Ancients and their dark powers, the sky parted and the light of the gods struck at the heart of the Ancient's empire on Lorandar, breaking apart the walls of their mightiest citadels and incinerating every corrupted soul it touched. The evil in that place was so immense though that even as the last Ancient fell, their curse was to forever taint the land and anything that dwelt within it (See Curse of the Ancients).
  • King Wolfgang Dresner took his army to Valeria, where meeting with his distant relative, joined with her crusade and together journeyed to the far northern continent of Sar-karadas, laying waste to the last vestige of the Empire of the Ancients and ending their threat to humanity.

Lorandar the Kingdom

  • With King Wolfgang in Sar-karadas, his brother Siegfried unites the humans back on Lorandar and founds a great kingdom known simply as Lorandar (Not to be confused with Lorandar). A capital is built south of the central lake, and it is called Lightstone.
  • King Wolfgang returns to Lorandar and takes the throne that his brother has made for him.
  • Given guidance by the gods, "King Wolfgang finds and retrieves the sword of Sirastus from its resting place, a sign of his destiny to rule.
  • King Wolfgang's brother Siegfried disappears, and intensive magical investigations indicate he met an untimely end, though no trace of the body is ever found.
  • King Wolfgang is murdered by a Dark One, drained of life and thrown from the highest tower in Lightstone Castle. His third child is proclaimed the new Queen after both elder sons meet unfortunate accidents in the subsequent weeks.

Wild Hunt on Lorandar

  • At the peak of Winter, a vast and terrible Wild Hunt lands on the eastern shores of Lorandar and proceeds to butcher those that stand in their way. Numerous small settlements in Alteraan, Sachsenheim and Korashur are wiped out, and several larger towns and cities put to the torch or significantly damaged. Then, a month after they landed, the Wildlings of the Hunt disappeared in the dark of he night as mysteriously as they first appeared. The only clue to their goal being a series of excavations on the edge of the Wastelands and the theft of hundreds of prehistoric artefacts from local museums.

Valerian Feuds

  • The High Kingdom of Lorandar reaches its greatest extent, having brought under its rule all of Lorandar except for the forest marches of Naida and Ravenwood, and the highlands of Manara. Overseas, colonies of the High Kingdom exist on Caratas, Shenzhou and in southern Aluvinor, and even a few hard-fought-for outposts along the northern coasts of Aunwe. The stability of the realm begins to weaken though, as politics and power struggles between the noble and upper classes disrupt trade and the hitherto good relations between Lorandar and Valeria, leading to military clashes between the two realms.
  • Lord Antimoneus and his forces invade Lorandar at the behest of a Sachsen usurper, defeating the Lorandarian army near Sael Hithaer, but eventually withdrawing from Lightstone after an unsuccessful siege. For several decades the Valerians provide strong support to the usurper state in northern Caranor, until they eventually pull out, at which point the usurpers house and supporters are defeated and the lands reclaimed by Lorandar.
  • Tian’shi explorers complete the first known human circumnavigation of the globe, braving harsh seas, raiders, and deadly sea beasts to return home with glorious welcome and full imperial honours from the Tiger Throne of Shenzhou.

Fall of Lorandar (the Kingdom, not the Continent)

  • The Kingdom of Lorandar falls apart through infighting as the last king dies without any heirs. Many suspect the dark power of the Underking behind this - a terrible undead lord said to haunt the caverns under the White Mountains south of Lightstone.

Hounds on the Hunt


Kingdom of Alteraan

  • The Kingdom of Alteraan reasserts itself in the north of Lorandar, designating the great city of Calaran as its capital.

Fracture of Avrynas

  • Cloudbank University is wracked by in-fighting, with hundreds perishing and the towers and libraries reduced to burnt-out ruins.

Kingdom of Sachsenheim

  • The central and eastern states of Lorandar align themselves under King Hanulf Thaustus, forming the Kingdom of Sachsenheim. (1650 years after the first king of Sachsenheim).
  • Archmage Marcus Lightbringer re-establishes Cloudbank University atop its ruins, recovers many lost works from excavations on the isle, and declares it an independent territory, open to aspiring mages from across the Five Realms.
  • Grand Chancellor Lokhar Videc formally includes the astral domains of the Aether Horizon into the Korashuran realm, by force where necessary.

Quarrel of Kingdoms

  • Alteraanian forces gain the upper hand in the conflict and beat back Sachsenheim forces, which had up to this point been winning. The conflict becomes a stalemate and a peace accord is reached where the forces of both sides pull back to previous borders. Unfortunately, the Azure Dragon Knight Order has taken severe losses and is reduced to a shadow of its former glory.
  • Alteraanian lords begin to draw additional strength from mercenary companies sourced from Shenzhou or Manara.
  • A Korashuran archaeological expedition led by Sycorax Corvus in Aluvinor attracts the attention of local Dra’zhar, leading the two forces to come to blows. Due to the overwhelming numbers of the Dra’zhar, the surviving Korashurans only escape after they

activate and take flight aboard their objective, a skyship of the Ancients.

Omen of Demons


Death of a Queen

  • Alteraanian privateers operating from the Buccaneer Coast raising shipping and coastal towns along Sunshore and Bleakmarch, affecting both Valerians and Dra’zhar. Bypassing the Valerian Empire entirely, various Dra’zhar tribes use the magic of their Glasswalkers to strike back at the dens of the privateers and leave their flayed bodies hanging from coastal trees as a warning to others.

Oath of the White

  • Arthus Carnavron takes the Oath of the White and joins the Order of the Wolf (the future Grandmaster.)

More Alteraan & Sachsenheim Conflict

  • End of the Second Crown War. The major cities and trade routes of Sachsenheim are occupied by Alteraanian troops and the king and his family are forced to flee to Manara.
  • The forces of the Underking begin to threaten Alteraan and Sachsenheim, but halt after it

is said, emissaries from Witchcliff including the renowed White Hound barter a cunning deal to prevent the dead from attacking.

  • King Wolfgang Faulkner returns from Manara with an army supported by weapons of the mountain-folk and retakes much of Sachsenheim. He perishes in battle and his son Raynor become King and brokers for peace.
  • Alteraan greatly increases the strength of their mercenary forces after the losses suffered during the Second Crown War and then the Sachsen Reclamation.
  • The entire Saltcrow Clan of the Dra’zhar mysterious disappears, leaving behind all their supplies, horses, and livestock, but not their weapons.
  • Some of the nobles an citizenry of the eastern duchies of Alteraan begin to voice their concerns about the growing influence of the Shenzhou mercanary companies on the realm, though the Eyes of the Dragon quickly quash any unrest that arises out of this.
  • Sachsens throughout the Highwind Plains rebel against their Alteraanian King. The rebellion is crushed after the rebels are defeated at the battle of Hallowfeld.
  • The full touman (warriors of a clan) of the Dra’zhar Firefox Clan engage a combined force, led by a number of prominant Templars, of Valerian Dawnwatch and regular military in the Arden Plains. The battle ends after great bloodshed with the Valerians soundly defeated, and many taken as slaves or executed there and then on the battlefield. The remaining Valerians are able to retreat only after one of the Templars gives their life to make a desperate charge through the Dra’zhar lines and cut down the Glasswalker preventing the Valerian forces from opening arcane portals to escape.
  • Prince Leo Faulkner is assassinated in a market in Whitesand, some say by Sachsens for their cause, others by the enigmatic Tian'shi for gambling debts. No culprit is ever definitively proven, though eight men and women are hung for associated crimes.
  • Stormreach raiders strike at the holdings of Korashur along the coasts of Holamen and Talaria from their bases on the Isle of Skara Kaldr, taking plunder from the local mages and incorporating freed slaves into their forces.
  • A band of Dra’zhar glasswalkers return from a lengthy foray into the deep aether, telling tales of wonder about marvellous cities of strange creatures, of dangerous beasts that hunted them and killed most of their companions, and of a great eviathan that sawllowed them all whole and from the belly of which they had to cut their way out. Their stories quickly become serialised, printed, and distributed amongst avid readers throughout the Five Realms.
  • Valerian and Tian’shi naval forces clash off the Bay of Fallen Songs on the eastern coast of Caratas. The brutal battle sees the Valerians achieve victory and secure their trade outposts there, forcing the Tian’shi to refocus their colonial nterprises nearer to the desert kingdoms of Central Caratas.
  • Provost Perseus of the Korashuran House Corvus uncovers and expunges a cabal of mages in the Order of Pyros that had secretly pledged themselves to the Ebon Legion, halting a plot of theirs to blow up the spire of the Prime Council.
  • Sulhar Khaine of the Umberclaw Clan takes on the title of Il-Khan of the Dra’zhar people after defeating seven champions of the other clans. Many across the Five Realms anticipate it heralding a renewed invasion of Valeria, though quite the opposite happens and border conflict drops to a low not seen in many generations.
  • The Hounds successfully negotiate and broker a treaty between the Five Realms to improve diplomacy, minimise conflict, and hopefully maintain the present peace. They fall short though of obtaining clear promises that the realms will not go to war with each other, seeing as the Alteraanians and Sachsens and the Dra’zhar and Valerians are at odds over their respective contested territories, and the Korashurans agitate for their own expansion.
  • The maiden voyage of the Cloudchaser, the newest skyship of the Wayfarer’s Guild, ends in tragedy as it crashes in the highlands of Yvelle, killing most of the Valerian nobles and their entourage aboard. The survivors are rescued from tuskjaws that found them by an elite unit of Alteraanian Crimson Dragons, earning them recognition from the Empress herself.
  • The Prime Council of Korashur issue an edict for the magocracy to prepare itself for a grand endeavour. The truth of what this will be is known only to the highest ranking members of the mage orders, but given the increased arcane research and development, stockpiling of supplies, construction of skyships and training of thousands of war-thralls, many suspect it is a bid by the magocracy to engage in imperial ambitions in contest with Valeria and Shenzhou.
  • The Valerian Minister for the Environment, the Avatar of the Hunter themself, is found by the Inquisition to have been tainted by dark powers, and in the presence of the Empress herself, is put to death in the Grand Plaza of Ankharosar. Freed of the corrupted vessel that was its previous form, the pure spirit of the Hunter miraculously joins with one of the members of the assembled crowd, a young ranger by the name of Valurako.
  • Current Year. (Game Setting).