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Mana, Reagents & Gnosis

MANA is an energy supply for how a magic user can cast spells. It is counted as a number value. A player's mana is converted into a spell and the energy is then depleted until it regenerates. See Concepts & States of Being. The mana value is based off a character's Will statistic. A magic user's Mana is Will x 2.

When spells are cast, REAGENTS are used up as well as the mana to produce the spell. Reagents are items represented by physical props or coloured ribbons. The player will need to have these as well as available mana in order to cast a spell. The reagent is then used up as is the mana until both are obtained again in some way. Reagents can be purchased or gathered in game. See Abilities & Resources & RESOURCE HARVESTING.

Gnosis Points (GP) are how a magic user / spellcaster learns spells and other knowledge. Gnosis is spent like Experience Points (XP) to purchase the knowledge of the spells before their use i.e. They are paying to learn the knowledge of comprehending and casting the magic of a certain spell. This GP spending is done primarily out of game, at Character Creation or during Downtime. GP may, however, be spent In Character (IC) if a roleplaying opportunity for learning arises. A character's GP is Wits x 5 at Character Creation. This can be increased with certain Abilities.

Colleges of Magic

Below are the Colleges (disciplines/branches) of magic linking to the lists of their respective spells.

See Magic for descriptions.








Spellcasting Mechanics

Spells will list their effects and associated CALLS in their descriptions.

How to cast a Spell

Below is an example of casting a spell:


Reagent and Mana Cost
Find your physical prop of the reagent associated with the spell. Mentally, or otherwise, tally your expended MANA for casting the spell (subtract the spell cost from your total mana pool). Place the reagent in a "used reagent" pouch. Note: the removal of the reagent can be done after the following step, "Role-play it".

Role-play It
To show people around you that you are casting magic, perform an appropriate casting/evoking spell chant as you see fit (role play driven). This can be used as the time to find your spell packet and reagent.
Note: unless excepted, the caster must have both hands free of heavy items eg shields and weapons - wands, reagents etc are OK.

Throw a physical spell packet (small material pouch filled with rice or millet) at the target of your spell. Note: The spell packet must hit the target to be effective.
If the spell is a point or touch attack, then simply follow those concepts.

Make the Call
Announce the CALL associated with the spell. In this instance it is "Knockback". Note: The spell in this case is named the same as its associated CALL. This is not always the case and the name of the spell is not what you should call, unless as part of the role play.

How to know it is effective.
The person (player or crew) you have affected with this spell should role-play an appropriate response to the CALL you have used. If the spell does not affect them due to some mechanic they should respond with the appropriate CALL and creative role-playing to demonstrate the reason for the failure (if appropriate).

How to know if you have been affected by a Spell

If a person (player or crew) has hit you with a spell packet, is pointing at your, or is touching you and they announce a CALL, you should respond appropriately. If you have missed one of these signals, it is up to both parties to confirm in or out of character (IC or OOC) that there is a spell happening. If there is confusion, the spell caster should repeat their call or hold up their hands with the universal out of character sign (Crossed hands in a 'T' shape) and explain the effect.