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If you are new to LARP and have recently heard about Crucible - welcome! We're glad you're here!

LARPing is an exciting hobby enjoyed by a very diverse group of enthusiastic and passionate people. There is a whole lot of information out there for people who are interested in giving LARPing a try - so much so that it can sometimes be overwhelming. This page contains some very basic information to get you started, but if you can't find the answer to your question just drop us a line at

What is LARP

LARP stands for Live Action Role Play. It is a collaborative, epic storytelling event that allows people to experience a story, rather than just passively observe it (as you do when you watch a movie or read a book). You act and dress as your character, speak as your character, and get to experience incredible stories while being in the thick of the action! It is a hobby that welcomes all ages, backgrounds, levels of fitness and experience levels. It is run by Game Masters (GMs) - a team of people who write the stories, organise the events, and oversee the acquisition of props and costumes to make the story come to life.

There are many websites that explain what LARP is, but here's what Wikipedia has to say about LARP.

What will I get to do at Crucible

There are many different styles of LARP, and many different ways to run a LARP. Crucible is a fantasy-based LARP with a mix of action and intrigue, making it a great game for people who like the live combat side of things, and people who prefer less physical entertainment.

Each game provides ample opportunity to do things like:

  • Solve mysteries
  • Decipher riddles
  • Engage in LARP combat
  • Get involved in politics
  • Try your hand at intrigue
  • And much more...

Do you have to do all of those things?

No, there are a range of activities and there's something for everyone. You can create the kind of character that is best designed to be involved in what interests you the most. For example, if you really like the sound of LARP combat, then you'd create a mercenary, or a knight, or a soldier. If you wanted to avoid combat, you could play a diplomat or noble who is more at home amongst the gossip and intrigue of the courts. Or you can play someone who dabbles in both! It's entirely up to you!

How do I play?

First, you decide if you want to be a player, or a crew.

What's it like to be a player at Crucible

Players are the 'main characters' of the stories. They band together with other players to overcome the challenges of the game. Players find out the story as it unfolds before them. It's like being a character in a video game or a movie. If you join Crucible as a player you will play that one character for the whole event.

Key notes for players:

- Create your own character and background to suit your interests - You make your own costume and weapons to best express your character - See the story unfold before you - you are the star in your own movie - Camaraderie of your fellow players as you experience war, politics, challenges, death, triumph etc ...

What's it like to Crew at Crucible

"Crew" are like the 'extras' of a movie. They're there to add to help move the story along, play the bad guys, the enemy armies, and the allies of the players. If you join Crucible as crew, you will play many characters over the course of an event.

Key notes for crew:

- Costumes and weapons provided - You get to play a variety of roles that suit you (pure combat, no speaking. Lots of speaking, no combat - everything in between!) - Support of GMs and experienced crew to guide you and support you during the game - Getting to know the story before the players do, and help it unfold - Playing some of the scene-stealing bad guys, or providing some key moments for players - Undying gratitude from players and organisers - the game can't run without crew!

Read more about crewing by reading our Crew Guide

Do I have to be a good actor/seamstress/costume-maker

No! All you need is a willingness to try your best and engage with the setting. This is a very friendly and helpful community. Everyone was a first-time LARPer at one point, and people will be more than happy to make suggestions on costume and gear. You can find plenty of support on the Crucible Facebook page.

But what if I'm shy/nervous

Most players were nervous at their first game, and many still get a bit of stage fright from time to time - it's totally normal! It is perfectly OK to play a character who is quiet and observes the goings on around them, rather than someone loud and commanding. You may find your character's personality evolves as you get more comfortable with the hobby. That's fine too. And, as always, if you are ever uncertain or want help, your fellow players, crew, and GMs will be more than happy to lend a hand.

OK, I'm interested! What do I do next?

Join the Crucible Facebook page as a starting point, as well as familiarising yourself with the information on this webpage. If you're interested in crewing, write to Rob at Otherwise, if you have questions about joining as a player please write to us at and we'll be in touch as soon as we can.