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Bringing the world of Crucible to life relies on the hard work, creativity, and skill of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers. If you're interested in creating something for Crucible, we have a number projects on the go at any given time and are always happy to be contacted by people interested in taking on any of this work.

Spread the Word!

We're always looking for ways to spread the word about Crucible! An easy way is to send people through to the website. Alternatively, the following A4 PDF can be downloaded and shared online or printed and hung up anywhere you think it might get noticed by interested people:


Make or Source Stuff

The following list is current as of 14 July and and details items needed for Rise of the Dragon. If you find something that interests you, please contact us at cruciblelogistics@gmail.comand tell us how you'd like to help. Note: if you don't want a project that may contain potential spoilers, please make a note of that when you send your email!

  • D - Baldric: 5
  • N - Tunic: 20
  • S- Cloak: 30
  • Generic - Black Robe: 14
  • Generic - White Robe: 20
  • Shield - L Tower: 6
  • Houseguard Tunic: 5
  • Outrider Tunic: 5
  • Huskarl - Tunic: 5
  • Huskarl - Sash: 5
  • Thrall - Tunic: 5
  • Thrall - Sash: 5
  • Legionary - Tunic: 5
  • Guardsman - Tunic: 5
  • Greenwatch - Tunic: 5
  • Ghost - Robe: 5
  • V Tunic: 10
  • V Hood: 10
  • M Vest: 20 -
  • E Vestement: 3
  • I Shirt: 3
  • I Doublet: 1
  • I Belt: 3
  • N Hood: 10
  • G Vest: 20
  • G Belt: 10
  • G Arm Wrapping: 10
  • H Belt: 3

Thank you for your interest, and massive thanks to everyone who has already contributed in some way!

Join our awesome NPC Crew

When you join the crew you will play a number of different characters over a game to help bring the story to life. You may play a fighter in a hostile army, a crazed wizard casting spells on people, a gentle fortune teller giving secrets to players, or any number of essential roles. You'll be given costumes and weapons to use, be given guidance by the game organisers about what you should be doing, and will have an amazing 'behind the scenes' experience that you'll be sharing with the other Crew in the game. For more information, vist the Crew Guide.