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Sarhelion Solar System

From the observations of astronomers, it is presently believed there are ten planets in total in the solar system, from innermost to outermost;

Solar Distance Closest -- -- Game Setting -- -- -- -- -- Furthest
Planet Karkoras Lokharun Irian Sarradar Thrannacor Ouraho Telnasha Manawe Rhysharn Sabri
Sarradar Solar System

More about the Planets

Irian is the brightest that can be seen in the night sky, followed closely by Lokharun, while Manawe, Rhysharn and Sabri cannot be seen without a telescope; having only been discovered through the complicated and lengthy arcane scrutiny of aetheric fluctuations around them. Many arcanists believe with some confidence that this is because the greater planes of the aether are somehow tied to these worlds, though no expeditions to confirm this theory have ever proven successful. It does however make for some highly entertaining arcane fiction novels about travel to these other worlds and the strange civilisations that one might encounter there.

Constellations and Star Signs

While there are many constellations that have been mapped in the stars of the night sky, the thirteen important ones to most people are those that are are associated with the months of the year. The belief is that those born under particular star signs are blessed (or cursed) with a predisposition to certain behaviours or fates.

See the Correlation Table for all the mythical connections across the board.

The Great constellations are as follows;

Great Constellations Ankha Kurdan Manatus Altayar Magnus Avari Namkha Morgana Valhas Ashna Erasmus Keres Sazarus
Description the Phoenix the Steed the Leviathan the Eagle the Lion the Drake the Weaver the Gryphon the Stag the Wolf the Bear the Owl the Dragon

Lesser constellations in the night sky include amongst others;

Lesser Constellations Admara Calypso Coraxus Covos Dalthys Halscion Hamlun
Description the Tower the Destroyer the Raven the Dove the Fowl the Blade the Turtle
Kazark Morraan Mekic Morden Olikar Panvikar Tamaris Yara
the Locust the Thresher the Flamingo the Mantis the Sextant the Pentad the Oak the Plough

Particular note should also be given to Charos the Reaper, a constellation of dim stars that moves across the heavens and whose appearance within other constellations at particular times is taken as a fell omen. The Red Star is another celestial body that is a very real threat, given that its appearance in the night sky always heralds the coming of great numbers of Demons into the world and the destruction they cause.