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We would love to hear any feedback you have about anything Crucible tech related.

Flick us an email at the tech team.

What is the tech team after?

  • GM released material that is completely missing or wildly out of date.
  • Broken links, when the website breaks, or doing something strange.
  • Links to wikis and Facebook groups so people can link to you faster.
  • Offer to help with website or other tech stuff. Love to hear your thoughts and interest!

What can't the tech team work with?

This website is for things 'everyone knows', so things will filter down as everyone finds it out.

  • Personal backgrounds. This needs to go to the GMs. Selected details might flow down later.
  • Faction Plot. Once we have the world built and the factions settled, the GMs will call for details about what people know about your faction and player groups. This likely will happen after the first game.
  • Generated content. Send this to the scribe for ratification. Initially, only very selected in-game books will be released.
  • We do not want to know about spelling or punctuation or capitalisation at this time. Sorry - we are focusing on getting the content up and right first.

What about Facebook, and other social media?

The GMs and the tech team are assisting people whereever possible. We can help setup email addresses and groups for a purpose. Many faction leaders already have setup social networking.

The GMs have requested to be admins of groups, so we can jump in and help out when needed. We will never get involved in in-character arrangements. We only step up to help guide OOC issues with the help of the Admins to resolution.