The Pale Host Wants You

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The Pale Host

For as long as there is life, there is death, and what lives must eventually die. Standing as a grim testament to how false this belief is are the undead. Animated by the power of the aether through necromancy or other dark influences, the undead of Sarradar comprise a range of different ‘species’ from lowly ghouls to the dreaded liches. They haunt the places marked by death, hungering for vengeance and power that they did not have in life. They are the night.

You have been recruited to join these forces, to aid your brethren in the battle against the mortals!

Will you join the fight? Will you march ... eternally bound in death?

Event Info

You are invited to participate in the next Crucible event: Defence of the Rock.

Defence of the Rock - Wellington Day Game - 24 May, 2015 - Wellington

Additional Resources

  • Players who join the Pale Host will be joining the Crew - and will have many assorted roles if they wish. Learn more by reading our Crew Guide
  • Read more about the Pale Host on the Pale Host Faction page
  • To learn what it's like to participate in a LARP, visit the New to LARP page