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The Crucible is a Fantasy LARP (Live Action Role-Play) campaign affiliated with NZLARPS.

Crucible is intended to be a 3-year Live-Action Roleplaying Chronicle consisting of seven Chapters, each with a weekend Chapter game and a variable number of day games in between. The Chapter games are to be held in Auckland, though the day games are hoped to be held in multiple centres, including at least Auckland, Wellington, and Hamilton.

The theme of the Chronicle is one of adventure, exploration, faction loyalty, colonial conflict, and arcane mysteries. Though there is intended to be a noticeable theme of dark fantasy within the setting, elements that in particular may disturb participants are either to be optional participation or not to be portrayed within the Chronicle. For more details, please consult the Crucible Welfare Guide.

Participation in the Chronicle is restricted to those 16 years or older, except where a parent or guardian is present and taking care of one who is underage.

The Setting

The world has settled along its lines. The Five Realms still war and scheme against each other, the boundaries and borders of the nations still shift but nevertheless there has been a measure of stability for many within this generation. Yet, through prophecies, divinations, and the whispers of ethereals across the lands, a portent has arrived. This fragile stability and the fate of the Five Realms hinges upon a Forgotten Island and the events that may transpire there, a place where the legends say human kind first awakened.

The island, surrounded by a ferocious sea of storms that has wrecked innumerable vessels in its gales, the journey will not be easy and many resources have gone into preparing those that will travel under the banner of each nation.

Expeditionary forces, the likes of which have not been seen outside of the great conflicts, have been amassed for this journey.

  • The Magocracy of Korashur stock their galleons with spell scrolls and slave-thralls, encouraged by the legends of arcane wellsprings that are said to exist on the island.
  • The mercantile city-states of Alteraan instead seek the gold and other riches said to be as abundant as water there, and their vessels bear mercenary companies and what luxuries they cannot do without.
  • The noble and righteous knights of the Valerian Empire seek to prove their honour and virtue in battle against the legendary guardians of the island, taking intricate swords and their elegant masks.
  • From Sachsenheim come hardy huskarls and rangers hunting for the secrets of their past, determined to find the homeland of their ancestors.
  • Finally, the warriors of the Drazhar horse tribes, though accustomed more to land than sea, have constructed great arks to bear whole tribes and their horses to this far off land that they believe is key to the survival of the world.
  • The task of guiding the expeditions of the Five Realms has fallen as it always has, to the hardened few of the Hounds, an order of monster-hunters, warrior-diplomats, and pardoned criminals who seek to maintain peace and unity amongst the human lands. None of the nations find it easy to put aside all their differences, and as they jostle to reach the island first and discover its secrets it will be up to the Hounds to at least mitigate the excesses of their conflicts.

Brave warriors, skilled mages, and cunning rogues; the most adventurous or foolhardy as some might say, all intend to give it their best. Setting off to the east, they have embarked on a venture of exploration, heroism and wealth, though as to what dangers await them none are certain.

Gamemaster Team

The overall command of and decision making in regard to Crucible is through a team of Gamemasters (GM) that act as the absolute authorities on any matters that occur in relation to the Chronicle.


This important Out-of-Character role will be filled by either a Gamemaster or a senior crewperson, and will be an important point of contact for characters with special abilities or with equipment requests or returns. They will be located at a set point at each Chapter event, and at some Day events.

Faction Representatives

Each player and NPC faction will have an Out-of-Character representative that between games and during any Chronicle events will act as a contact point for the GM team and the players belonging to that faction, or in the case of crew, those who have a preferred NPC faction. The names of these representatives are listed on the website.



As a player in the Chronicle, a participant is expected to select from one of the six player factions (on the following page) with which their character will be aligned, and then develop their character and their backstory in a way that will work in well with the other players in their faction. All the necessary information to create a player character can be found within this document, though additional setting information can be found in the Crucible Codex, and there are many more spells, artefacts, lost knowledge, and special abilities awaiting discovery within the Chronicle.

An appropriate character is one that has a set of traits and abilities purchased with a player’s starting Experience Points, a selection of spells and knowledges purchased with Gnosis Points (where appropriate), a selection of key equipment purchased with starting wealth in sunshards (ss), and a backstory document that describes to us who the character is. While it is up to a participant to decide how much of a backstory they provide us with, if this amounts to over two pages worth of writing, participants are asked to provide a summary of no more than a page that the GM team can review with haste when necessary.

To submit a character and their backstory, players are required to create it as a Google Document, and share it with gm@cruciblelarp.com (with edit permission). The document should be titled ‘Crucible - [Character Name] - [Player Name]’. This will allow the GM team to review and keep track of the character, even as you update it over the course of the Chronicle.


As a crewperson, a participant will play a variety of roles over a game as specified by the GM team. The purpose of these roles is to provide challenges for the players to try to overcome, while enriching the world with NPC characters and making it feel like as much of a living, breathing environment as is possible.

To allow the GM team to focus on the task of running the storyline, a system of badges has been implemented in the Chronicle which crew can be rewarded with if they meet the criteria. These allow a crewperson to lead scenes, generate plot, use special abilities, and finish off fallen foes without the need to obtain specific sign-off from the GMs.

In the Chronicle there is some capacity for crew participants to possess selfgenerated characters belonging to the NPC factions and notable characters from the backstories of the player factions. Their appearance in the Chronicle games will be dependant on the number of crew that have signed on and appear at an event. To create and submit such a character, the same process as the players use should be followed, though ‘NPC’ should be added in brackets after the Character Name in the title of the Google document.

For more information, please consult the Crucible NPC Guide.

Where is the Crucible Based?

Auckland, New Zealand
& occasionally Wellington, New Zealand

Where are the Games Held?


Camp Adair, Hunua
Physical Address:
2487 Hunua Road RD3, Papakura 2583
Information Link.
"South of Auckland just 17km from the Papakura off ramp."

See also Events for game by game Locations and Details.

How to contact the Team

Known as Game Masters (GMs)/Story Tellers (STs).
See the Contact page for a list of contact details to reach the team.


Registration Form Link


Participants in the Crucible Chronicle are expect to follow the requirements of the Welfare Guide, as well as abiding by the NZLARPs Code of Conduct.