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What is The Crucible?

Crucible is a Live Action Roleplay (LARP) game where participants become the characters in a high-adventure story. You can play heroes, villains, and everything in between. You will have opportunities to engage in thrilling combat using safe, but realistic-looking swords (and other weapons), solve puzzles, engage in matters of diplomacy, and band together with allies as you try and beat the challenges that come your way.

The Setting

The world has settled along its lines. The Five Realms still war and scheme against each other, the boundaries and borders of the nations still shift but nevertheless there has been a measure of stability for many within this generation. Yet, through prophecies, divinations, and the whispers of ethereals across the lands, a portent has arrived. This fragile stability and the fate of the Five Realms hinges upon a Forgotten Island and the events that may transpire there, a place where the legends say human kind first awakened.


Factions of The Crucible

Click the icons to learn about the factions you can play in The Crucible.

Icon - Alteraan.pngIcon - Drazhar.pngIcon - Hounds.pngIcon - Korashur.pngIcon - Sachsenheim.pngIcon - Valeria.png Ebonplainfinal.pngHuntplain.pngPalehostplain.png

Upcoming Events

Microscenes Special: Perils of the Planes! -25th September - Auckland

A Wild Hunt - 30th October - Auckland

Chapter 6 - Flames of the Pyre - 15 December - 18 December 2016 - Auckland

Microscenes III: Microscene Boogaloo- 29th January 2017 - Auckland

Chapter 7: FINAL CHAPTER - Maelstrom - 13th - 17th April 2017 - Auckland

High Seas of Avyrnas- Provisional placeholder - date and further details are not confirmed - Auckland

Please note that these will be the FINAL Crucible events run by the GM team. There may still be some player-organised events, but these will have minimal GM involvement at best.

All past and present events...

The Story So Far

Around the turn of summer in the month of Verdantwood, the nations headed off east for the long lost island of Avyrnas. After stopping briefly at Lands End at the last outpost of known civilisation, they set forth across the Sea of Storms and guided by the Hounds, they all eventually made it to the uncharted island. Fate was not with them though, for the tempest that engulfed them en-route meant that each contingent suffered great